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I've been a nature and wildlife photographer for years but stepped into the world of of portrait and wedding photography five years ago. I soon discovered that a lot of the skills gained and "lessons learned" through nature photography are very important to capturing great images of people too. You may want to book me now for your wedding, senior, family or portrait session. Soon I'll be in demand.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day off?

I had a day off from the day job today and took advantage of it by sending introduction emails out to some local photographers. Since my move coincided with the busy wedding season and I didn't have time to establish myself here, I thought I'd see any other local photographers might need any help. It's common for photographers to surf other photographer's sites and I did that too. I sent emails to a few photographers who's work I really liked and hope that I'll get to work with some of them this summer. Tomorrow I get out with the camera and do a little more scouting of the area. Look for posts soon! I also set up my website today with my new address and tweaked the layout a little. Good day off, huh?

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