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I've been a nature and wildlife photographer for years but stepped into the world of of portrait and wedding photography five years ago. I soon discovered that a lot of the skills gained and "lessons learned" through nature photography are very important to capturing great images of people too. You may want to book me now for your wedding, senior, family or portrait session. Soon I'll be in demand.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Seals and a great University

My wife and I were lucky enough to witness a great event last Sunday. As some of you know, my "real" job is in Human Resources at the University of New England. On Sunday UNE's marine science program released three seals that they had been nursing back to health on the Biddeford, ME campus. It is great to see the place you work do good deeds and I felt proud to be a part of an institution that not only does that kind of thing but also trains and educates people to continue doing great things. Here are just a few photos I was able to capture of the seals being released. A beautiful late summer day well spent.

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